The President’s Message For The Year 2017

The President’s Message For The Year 2017


Beloved in the Lord as we prepare to enter a brand new year we are bound to give all praise and adoration to God for his loving care and his mercies which have kept us together as a ministry through the various challenges and experiences that we have had to go through.

In our year of taking new territories we placed emphasis on taking bold steps to build the Kingdom of God and allowing our minds to undergo change to position ourselves for the mew things that God has in store for us. We thus trusted the Lord for new territories in reaching out to new locations to establish branches, new territories in giving and serving God differently and new territories in building stronger and better relationships with each other among others. In 2016 we experienced the grace of God as we took some of these bold steps to change the face of the ministry and we give glory to God for keeping faith with us.

In the year 2017 our vision is cogently summarized in Ephesians 2 v 6. And he raised us up together with Him and made us to sit down together giving us joint seating with him in the heavenly sphere by virtue of our being in Christ Jesus the Messiah, the Anointed One (Amplified Bible)

We have been called with a high calling and this calls for a higher level of service and commitment to God. In this year we will experience this repositioning in every facet of our lives as a church, as families and as individuals.

This elevation is from God. He is the one who has raised us up so our principal focus will be on what God can do and has done for us. When he elevates us man cannot demote us. We are being elevated from the target of the adversary so we  are believing God that in this year of divine elevation no weapon fashioned against us will find us (Isaiah 54 v 17). We will escape the traps of the enemy because we have been elevated above his range.

We will also experience elevation by taking leadership positions in all that we do We will be the head always and not the tail because we have been elevated (Deut 28 v 13) God will grant us wisdom to undertake new initiatives as a church and ministry and grant us the grace of leadership to be above only and not beneath. This will be reflected in great testimonies of honor and promotion and innovation especially in our vocations.

In this year we will experience the limitless surpassing riches of God’s grace and his kindness and goodness (Ephesians 2 v 7) this will be the acting out of divine elevation.

When we are divinely elevated our vision and perspective undergoes a radical change. Impossibilities become possible and barriers are removed because our position has changed. Our new position now enables us to sit with Jesus Christ in joint rulership so that as he is so shall we be in this world (1 John 4 v 17). This year will thus be characterized by enlarged vision and great victories because we are ruling with Christ.

Divine elevation will also align us closer to God’s purpose for our lives as we set our affections on heavenly ideals (Colossians 3 v 1-2). In this year there will be a renewed impetus to plan and implement with renewed strength activities that yield heavenly dividends such as reaching out to our communities with the Gospel and also supporting the poor and the afflicted and helpless. (Matthew 25 v 37-40)

Divine elevation will link us to the power of Christ’s resurrection and will enable us to manifest the power of God against every attack from Hell. The benefits of the resurrection will be demonstrably manifest in all of our services and activities as yokes are broken and curses reversed. Closed doors to our divine destinies will be opened and dominions, principalities, rulers and powers will give way in this year in increasing measure. (Ephesians 1 v 17-23).

In this year God will resurrect his divine purposes through our obedience and our recognition of the unique position he has given to us(Colossians 2 v 13). Divine elevation will enable us to exercise more spiritual firepower as we pray and confront the challenges that lie ahead of us in this new year. Divine elevation will always give us an advantage as we appropriate the provision of Heaven and because we are divinely elevated we cannot fail. We will soar as the eagle, displacing all opposition and overcoming all barriers, with our eyes firmly fixed on the author and perfector of our faith and no height will be too high for us to scale.

May God give us a revelation of divine elevation which will catapult us to new victories in 2017?

Have a blessed New Year.

Rev. Fitzgerald Odonkor
Head Pastor – Harvest Chapel International
President – Harvest International Ministries

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