President’s Message For The Year 2018

President’s Message For The Year 2018


Remember ye not the former things, neither consider the things of old

Behold I will do a new thing now it shall spring forth shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert

(Isaiah 43 v 18-19)

As we begin the journey into a new year the old year is becoming a part of the past with its victories and defeats, challenges and testimonies, its highs and lows.

With each New Year God gives us fresh direction and the year 2018 holds seeds that will completely reposition and realign us with regards to God’s purposes for our lives.

We are entering a year in which God is calling for a totally new level of commitment which will have the effect of catapulting us to levels of service we have never experienced before.

In 2018 God is not just asking us to improve upon what we may have done in the previous year but he is asking for something completely new which will place us at a new level in our knowledge and experience in him.

It is a challenge to move from putting new wine into old wineskins to changing the wineskins so that the new wine can be preserved (Mark 2 v 21)It is a challenge to let the seed die so that a new plant can sprout and grow and bud and flower and bear fresh new fruit (John 12 v 24).It is a challenge to totally let go of the restrictions of the past to embrace a brand new way of living which is fully conformable to the perfect will of God (Romans 12 v 1-2) In summary God is calling us to a radical rebranding of our relationship with him (2 Corinthians 5 v 17)

A transformation by definition is a complete change in someone or something and the end product of a transformation is distinctly different from its original state.

This is what God is asking for in this new year A way of life and doing things that will be completely different hence the illustration of a way in the wilderness and water in the desert.(Isaiah 43 v 19)

In this new year we must be transformed in our commitment to evangelism and this will be manifested by an increase in our outreaches and our planting of churches worldwide We must give practical credence to the call to bring in the harvest (John 4 v 35) No excuses will be accepted for stunted growth or no growth because we are in a season of transformation

In this year resources for the work of ministry will undergo a total overhaul in line with the drive to plant churches and other structures such as the Harvest City and also impact our communities. We believe God for great wealth and abundance in this year that will change the face of the ministry and bring great stability and growth in our assemblies. God will raise great financiers of the gospel and we will literally take new territories for our Lord (John 10 v 10) (Deuteronomy 8 v 18)

Great emphasis will be placed on equipping the people of God for the work of ministry and with such training growth must be imperative This is not a year for justifying mediocrity but one for soaring as eagles (Isaiah 40 v 29-31) There will be a massive release of laborers into the Lords vineyard (Matthew 9 v 37-38) God will endow his servants with diverse gifts which will be used to build the church and touch many lives.

For us to experience total transformation we will have to humble ourselves under God’s mighty hand and stay loyal to the vision (1Peter 5 v 6)Such humility must transform us to fully engaged servants of our God and make us ready to serve him in any capacity that he chooses fit

Our year of total transformation will affect the very roots of our service to God and change us from within (Romans 8 v 16) It will challenge some of our restrictive traditions as we seek to experience a great and miraculous God. Barriers of inertia and complacency will be broken as we work very hard in the Kingdom  (Philippians 3 v 14) Targets set must be achieved for the Kingdom of our God and there must be a continuing manifestation of the victory of Calvary in our assemblies (Luke 10 v 19)

In our year of total transformation we should be able to associate ourselves with the apostle Paul when he says his life is totally yielded to Christ (Galatians 2 v 20)

We should attain new heights of excellence in ministry and in our relevance to the community. We should be able to take advantage of the gifts God has given us to reach new areas with the gospel and to experience the supernatural.

It is time for a spiritual metamorphosis of the ministry to position us for a massive impact in 2018.

The trumpet has come forth with a clear sound All the horses are in battle array and the riders are in position Retreat is not an option .It is our time for TOTAL TRANSFORMATION.

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