A new year brings new opportunities, new beginnings and new challenges. We not only want to begin strong and successful but in 2013, daughters of Zion are poised to labor in the fields for the great harvest.

Philippians 2:21, “For all seek their own, not the things which are Jesus Christ‘s.” This is what Jesus meant when He said that the laborers are few. Most of us are too busy enjoying life, shopping and dining, watching TV, working to pay bills, etc… Jesus spoke about believers who are choked by the cares, riches and pleasures of this temporal earthly life, bringing forth no fruit, because they are NOT labouring with God to get souls saved…

Soul Labourers

In our Ministry, we have asked the Lord to “Break our hearts with what breaks His” and our hearts feel heaven’s aches over lost and perishing souls scattered all around us. We acknowledge the stickiness we bring in reaching out to the world with Christ’s love. For instance, supposing our Lord had not testified to and won to Himself the woman at the well. Is it too much to presume that the “many” in Samaria who came to the Lord through her testimony would not have come to Him? Would Lydia’s household have been saved if Lydia had not been?

It is wonderful when men and women are ready for the gospel. When they are just waiting to respond to the good news that Jesus saves and to be gathered into the Kingdom where they qualify for eternal life. I have witnessed this several times and it’s always been a humbling and great experience to watch. This year, we will continue to do the big and small things to bond, to guide, to nurture and hold one another in the ministry, for the complete God-led-woman we aspire to be But our focus will also be deliberate enough to work the field of souls for the great harvest.
We want to encourage you to join us in this noble and eternally rewarding venture!